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About Pam ... 

After a foreign service career, I am enjoying capturing the beauty of the mid-east coast of the United States, particularly the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries, as well as the surrounding rural areas with their simple structures and wildlife. These are the places to which I returned when I could to rest for a few weeks between overseas assignments.

In order to take more time to look at the things I paint to really see and appreciate them, I took up painting. Slowing down to gaze more completely at the subjects in order to paint them develops a bond with the subject, the colors, and the lights. My subjects include landscapes, still lives, flowers, and the scenes and people I have seen in my many years of travel, both overseas and in the Unite States. I am particularly drawn to water, as I'm sure many people are, with its restful and restorative qualities.

Among other places, I have studied painting at various overseas locations, in classes and workshops at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Virginia, as well as with an experienced instructor in Arlington, Virginia. In Southern Maryland, I've studied drawing and painting with various people in Calvert and Saint Mary's Counties.

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